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Tank Farms

OMV NZ operates nine tanks in Taranaki, across two tank farms - Omata Tank Farm and Paritutu Tank Farm. These tanks hold condensate (light oil) and some crude oil which is piped and trucked in from OMV NZ’s natural gas fields and other businesses around Taranaki.

Zero Harm, No Losses

Safety is the heart of our business and our vision of Zero Harm, No Losses is our number one priority – this means no harm to people or the environment.

Under New Zealand health and safety legislation, the tank farm facilities are recognised as Major Hazard Facilities due to the quantities of hydrocarbon products that we safely store. These regulations are administered and monitored by WorkSafe.

Major incidents are considered as 'low likelihood, high consequence' events.

Read the Tank Farm brochure for more information about control measures in place:

OMV NZ works closely with emergency services in the preparation and testing of emergency response plans to ensure response actions can be implemented efficiently and effectively in an emergency.

In the unlikely event of an emergency at one of our facilities, emergency services will assist with emergency response on site, as well as any evacuation of the facilities and neighbours, if required.

If you notice any situation at our facilities that looks suspicious or unsafe, please contact emergency services on 111 or OMV NZ on 0800 456 800.