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Sponsorship Process

Recent sponsorship/CSR activities

  • Orchestra Wellington 
  • Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust (funding for the Hihi [Stitchbird] reintroduction Programme)
  • OMV scholarships
  • Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust (funding for the purchase of a new equipment and overall operating costs for the Taranaki Air Ambulance) 
  • WISE Better Homes (funding to retrofit older homes with insulation for low income households in the Taranaki region) 
  • Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre, Whangarei (naming rights for the Centre’s entry foyer/lobby) 
  • OMV, DoC & Ngati Koata (funding for lake and wetland regeneration project Moawhitu, North Greville Harbour, D’U rville Island) 
  • NIWA Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) project (project using PAM to assess cetacean distribution and movement through New Zealand’s Cook Strait) 
  • Friends of Mana Island (FOMI) (funding for Seabird dog survey, Fern bird translocation, White-faced storm petrel translocation and Mana wetlands project) 
  • Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (funding for Wairarapa GeoCamp 2018-2020)
  • Roderique Hope Trust (funding to assist with operating costs, installation of heat pumps and emergency supplies for Taranaki displaced families in immediate need and to support progress to a better life situation)
  • Montfort Trimble Foundation (funding for regeneration of threatened native mistletoe Tupeia Antarctica)

Scholarship Criteria

An advertisement is circulated to New Zealand Universities in Q4 of each year seeking interest from students involved in earth sciences, environmental sciences and engineering wanting to apply for a scholarship.