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Health, Safety & Environment

OMV New Zealand focusses on a robust Health and Safety Management System that develops, implements and maintains a safe and secure working environment for all employees and contractors. 

A ‘Zero Harm’ safety culture is embedded into the OMV NZ organisation and includes continuous training and competency development, regular emergency management and crisis exercises as well as a thorough audit and review process that ensures continuous improvement.

OMV NZ HSSE Policy (PDF, 261,0 KB)

Offshore Exclusion Areas

There are exclusion areas around the offshore pipelines and platforms which restrict access, anchoring and fishing. These are in place for safety reasons as the pipelines contain flammable gas. These areas are detailed on the LINZ marine charts below:

OMV NZ Offshore Exclusion Areas (PDF, 1,6 MB)

Exclusion Zone: There is a 500m Exclusion Zone around the Maui A, Maui B, Pohokura and Maari platforms, and Raroa FPSA. Entering this area is prohibited. 
Protected Area: There is a Protected Area either side of the offhsore pipelines which prohibits anchoring or fishing.