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Pohokura Intervention Campaign

Next month OMV Taranaki will be undertaking a planned campaign to re-establish the deliverability of the existing offshore wells through ‘well intervention’ activities. 

The Pohokura Intervention Campaign is scheduled to commence in February 2019 and finish late April 2019. For safety reasons, offshore production will have to be stopped for approximately 30 days in total - 12 days in February during rig integration, and a further 18 days during the campaign. 
We anticipate that the onshore wells will be available to flow during this campaign with no impact on onshore production levels. 

The exact duration and timing of the offshore shutdown periods will remain subject to operational and weather related impacts. The scheduled timing, duration and anticipated impact on gas availability from the offshore wells has been provided to customers, and we will regularly update customers as operations progress. Other stakeholders, including MBIE officials, Transpower and the GIC have also been advised of the campaign. 

Finally, as always, the safety of people, the environment and the assets, will be paramount throughout the campaign.