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OMV gas storage: Well-prepared for the winter

Press Release, October 12, 2017 - 11:30 am (CEST)

  • The current state of OMV gas storage in Austria is around 90%
  • OMV is Austria’s largest gas storage provider
  • OMV storage volumes of 2.2 bcm meet more than a quarter of Austria’s annual gas consumption

Austria is well-prepared for the imminent winter period, with more than 8 bcm total gas storage capacity available. The Austrian storage volumes cover the country’s entire annual consumption. OMV, the international, integrated oil and gas company headquartered in Vienna, holds a significant share of these very high capacities. A total of 2.2 bcm of the gas storage capacity in Austria is provided by OMV, making OMV the country’s largest storage provider.

Around 8 bcm of natural gas is required in Austria every year for the manufacturing industry, power plants, (district) heating plants, households, transport and traffic, and services. To be sure of meeting this demand throughout the year, OMV makes storage capacities available to its customers. This offer was exceptionally well-used during this year’s storage season. The current fill-level of OMV gas stores in Austria is around 90%.

While relatively low amounts of natural gas are used in summer, demand rises sharply in winter and can be up to six times higher. However, most countries are unable to completely meet demand through equity gas, i.e. gas produced themselves. Natural gas therefore has to be imported via pipelines. “ Natural gas is produced in similar quantities throughout the entire year and transported from the natural gas field to the end customer. Consequently, in the summer months there is a surplus of natural gas that is stored to balance out the higher demand in the winter months”, explains Erich Holzer, Managing Director of OMV Gas Storage GmbH.

Background information:

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