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Hot Work 2 Checklists

Checklist 16 - Blasting and Painting Including Use of Portable Diesel & IC Engines (PDF, 794,2 KB)
Checklist 17 - Use of Steel Wire Brushes, Needle Guns, Drills, Impact Wrenches or Saws (PDF, 192,4 KB)
Checklist 18 - Use of 230V Electrical Equipment in a Hazardous Area (PDF, 84,5 KB)
Checklist 19 - Use of Lasers, Strobes and Cameras in a Hazardous Area (PDF, 97,9 KB)
Checklist 22 - Operation of Forklifts, Power Operated Elevating Work Platforms, Telehandler or Excavator (PDF, 639,4 KB)
Checklist 23 - Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting (PDF, 142,2 KB)
Checklist 24 - Vehicle Entry into Hazardous Areas (PDF, 143,8 KB)
Checklist 25 - Working on Equipment Contaminated or has Potential to be Contaminated with Mercury (PDF, 151,4 KB)
Checklist 26 - Use of a Vacuum Truck (Gully Sucker) (PDF, 185,8 KB)
Checklist 27 - Operation of Portable Diesel and IC Engines (PDF, 105,9 KB)
Checklist 28 - Radiography (PDF, 189,4 KB)
Checklist 29 - Lifting Operations Involving Crane or Hiab Onshore (PDF, 1,3 MB)
Checklist 30 - Lifting Operations Involving Crane or Gantry Offshore (PDF, 1,4 MB)
Checklist 32 - Live Electrical Work on AC and DC Systems (PDF, 198,1 KB)
Checklist 33 - Construction Work Within Admin Areas, including Work in Roof Spaces (PDF, 173,4 KB)
Checklist 34 - Excavations and Work Within (PDF, 568,0 KB)
Checklist 35 - Well Services Offshore or Onshore Operations (PDF, 616,5 KB)
Checklist 36 - Pre-use Checklist for Painting and Blasting Inside Temporary Habitat Enclosure (PDF, 331,2 KB)
Lifting Plan Template (DOCX, 52,3 KB)
Multi-Lift Chart (PDF, 53,6 KB)